Movie Review: Roma (2018)

Movie Review: Roma (2018)
Movie Review: Roma (2018)

“Roma” is the latest film from director Alfonso Cuarón, follows a story that chronicles a year in the life of a middle-class family in Mexico City in the early 1970s.

In my humble opinion, “Roma” is one of the most beautiful films of the decade, every shot is masterfully executed, blocked, framed, and detailed. I think Alfonso Cuarón did a phenomenal job.

Some of you might think “Roma” is boring film, but not for me. To me, “Roma” A deeply immersive film at every moment, perfectly capturing the time period and pulling you in right from the start.

Yes, “Roma” is a drama, and yes it is set in70’s. but to me that’s what make it interesting, you won’t find it in another movie, where you can’t takes your eyes off, something that’s furthered by exceptional cinematography, wonderful performances, and a slow-burn but deeply emotional story throughout.

And “Roma” using black-and-white cinematography, which make it more nostalgic. Also, in keeping with the understated tone, the film features some beautifully elegant camerawork that further immerses you in the setting, with slow yet dynamic pans across rooms and city streets, starkly powerful long take sequences

The lead actress, Yalitza Aparicio who plays Cleo in the film, was great, especially considering this is the first film she’s ever acted in. I hope to see more of her works in the future.

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Really, this film deserves an Oscar for Best film of the year, also Best Director, because “Roma” is truly wonderful film that surpasses so many others on its use of nostalgia and memory, and again…because Alfonso Cuarón such a phenomenal director.


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